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Balance or Harmony?  Science suggests the world we live in, day to day, consists of ten dimensions. Most of us are only aware of ourselves and the rest of creation in one of these dimensions,  the dimension of perception generated by our physical senses.

The concept of a ten dimensonal world makes enormous sense, and I’ve always wondered what the other ninety percent of the human brain we don’t use is busy doing. I’ve suspected for some time that it’s processing and ignoring ninety percent of the information available from the other nine dimensions in which some part of us simultaneously exists. And, for all we know, those parts may be the better parts of “us”.

I have also believed for many years now that here on Earth we are actually living in Hell. It’s not someplace we go to when we die. We are in Hell now. Just as we are in Heaven now.

I believe what we have been conditioned to believe in as Hell, is a state of consciousness, an aggregate of similar energies. I believe what we have been conditioned to think of as Heaven, is also a state of consciousness and an aggregate of similar energies. In Hell, we seem to be stripped of choice — bad things happen to us and others are to blame; we are powerless victims of circumstance and injustice, not responsible for or contributing to negative outcomes. It appears there is no way out. We are separate, alone, ashamed, frightened, hateful, trapped — and we behave according to these energetic templates. We are greedy, violent, selfish…and so on. Likewise, Heaven, stripped of ego, our choices are limited only by our imaginations — good things come our way but we are aware of contributing to these outcomes, which we graciously receive. In Heaven, we are in union with our Source, connected with our fellow creatures, joyful, courageous and loving — and we behave according to these energetic templates.

Responding to the “rules” of these two templates, we limit ourselves to dancing in duality; there are good people and bad people moving through a black and white world. And yet more limiting, our individual identities become attached to being perceived as a minus or a plus, when we are all one or the other, or both, at some point in life. We have to be.

Take the black sheep phenom, for example. The black sheep in any family structure is a balancing “minus” energy, while other members of a given family see themselves from one perspective as plus factors. In fact, they may never see how the black sheep of their family functions as a balancing “plus” in other environments. The result: misunderstanding, emotional pain, and judgment rather than curiosity about what the family black sheep is balancing in the grander scheme of things and within the family structure itself.

This limiting structure of two diametrically opposed patterns is changing. Inside our sensual prisons, an unseen door has opened. We are groping towards greater complexity and the world, quite literally, is no longer black and white.

It has been my observation that the human condition in the one dimension in which we are most present but perhaps least aware, the dimension of our physical senses, results from the templates of Heaven and Hell both being laid down in our body/mind patterning at birth. This is balance in this singular dimension: For every act of kindness, generosity, grace, understanding and love there is an equal act of appalling violence, greed, conflict and hate.

For BILLIONS of us, life on Earth is a net zero sum experience. Minus. Plus. Minus one. Plus one. Net zero. Balance. Karma. If we are paying attention as we go along, we somehow realize this by the time we die. We are not victims. We are not perpetrators. We are not rescuers. We are always maintaining the balance of minus one, plus one, plus two, minus two. We always have one foot in Heaven and one foot in Hell until we wake up inside the overlap of these two templates, realizing that our free will, our conscious intention and depth of our loving spaciousness can awaken us to ourselves, life and perception on some, and perhaps all, of the other nine dimensions in which we exist in our quantum identities.

Balance is not Harmony.  Einstein’s Theory of Relativity is simply gorgeous. We can understand its implications as we approach the power of making better spiritually based or ethical choices. The Theory of Relativity:  Matter is neither created or destroyed. It is transformed, recycled to build structure and experience in Hell and structure and experience in Heaven here on earth.  And who knows what else?

The space between Heaven and Hell, the drama-free, dream-free zone where folks living in these zones never do anything especially “good” or especially “bad”  can be thought of as the fulcrum of the scale while energy scoots from Heaven to Hell and back again, changing matter in the course of its journey through these states of consciousness.

The Mayan calendar ends in 2012. What is that about? I’m sure I don’t know the answer but it’s fun to speculate that in 2012, the one dimensional structure so many of us are trapped in may explode,opening so we are more fully aware of ourselves, use more of our brains, become conscious of information we have previously ignored because it wasn’t based in the sensual.  All the additional information will indeed impact our bodies, but the information will be received in a supra-sensual stream of consciousness.

Shamans and healers already live in the supra-sensual stream of consciousness, intentionally deconstructing the  boundaries of time, space and the density of matter in the one dimension of the sensual. Shamans and healers are multi-dimensonal human beings.

Harmony.  I suggest  the energetic template of Harmony is a completely ‘upgraded’ template — if you will — a template in which we move away from the net zero sum construct.  Harmony discovers the means by which the zero sum construct turns minus sums into plus sums, and plus sums, and plus sums. Water into wine. And the minuses don’t come back across the fulcrum in another minus sum form. The wine doesn’t turn back into water. Harmony reflects the joy of constructive creation no longer needing the balancing sum of destruction to know itself.

Learning to live in Harmony is going to be pure Hell for many of us at first. We might prefer Balance to Harmony. It’s a less responsible state, creatively speaking. What will we do without all the 24/7 drama we are addicted to? What will the cable networks do for content? What form will our shadow take? Won’t we be bored?

I’ve noticed, recently, that a significant amount of television programming has taken on a bizarre, and in some instances, slightly psychotic visual tone. I shudder at some of the programming a child may see, an impressionable mind with no frame of reference for a visual representation of psychosis. Programming such as Resident Evil: Extinction is a perfect example.

 The deepest, darkest side of human (?) imagination and consciousness is truly visible in a mirror that is always facing us, always lit up now, up close and personal in our homes. We can’t escape from seeing who we are. We can turn on the tube and see every conceivable nightmare, while in contrast, the harmless dreams of the feminine mind are pretty lame: love, marriage, kids, a house, no cheating, maybe a cool career. Lame in comparison to what is possible in the universe of Harmony.

We can no longer say we do not  know the full depth of human depravity. We do. Technology is reflecting back what we would once have been too ashamed to breathe a word of,  much less fully expose with casual abandon.  This fully fleshed out virtual revelation of human depravity is part of salvation. To heal it, we have to feel it; to see it, we have to be it — if only for a nano-second.

What is salvation but the transition from Balance to Harmony? And by salvation, I do no mean salvation from sin. I mean salvation from consciousness that keeps our bodies and minds attached to the templates of Heaven and Hell.

Harmony will be upon us when we stop blaming “God” or anyone else for what we are complicit in creating. Harmony will be upon us when we wake up to our negative imaginations, our addictions, and our disguised hate-fullness that undoes all of what our heart longs to live inside of.  The template of Harmony, the one we all feel as a deep restlessness, a longing for love that lasts, the home of the heart few of us ever find– permanently —  we wouldn’t long for this template if it didn’t exist. Isn’t that Hell? We are hungry, but have no access to food while we see others eating more than they need. We are thirsty, but have no access to clean water while we see others wasting the water that would save our lives.  

Living in Harmony is a function of free will. Living in Balance is a function of unconscious addiction while believing we are free.

Wishing you Harmony in 2009!

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