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Anaiis Salles is an organizational/business/transpersonal consultant. She has more than a decade of experience teaching transpersonal seminars, energy healing workshops, trainings, and public speaking  throughout the United States. Healer, teacher, visual artist, performer, her life is rooted in creativity and the dynamic struggle between personal expression and collective evolution through the crucible of daily community.

Anaiis founded Heart Centered Energy Healing in 1991 after volunteering at the Sklifosovsky Institute and the Moscow Institute of Diagnosis and Surgery in Moscow Russia where over the course of six weeks she facilitated energy healing with critical burn patients and pediatric oncology patients. Her first trip to Moscow coincided with the economic and structural collapse of the Soviet Union; a bloodless revolution. She returned to Moscow in 1992 and 1993, training Russian and American healers in these same facilities. In 1998, Anaiis established the Living Lessons web site in association with the Heart Centered Energy Healing two year healing training program.

 In 1999, Anaiis withdrew from public life as a healer and teacher to focus on her continuted personal healing/transformational path, preparing for the energy shifts in collective consciousness that would follow the emerging national moral and spiritual crisis of 9/11. Now with the economic collapse of the United States upon us,  as her spiritual teachers assured her would happen as she witnessed the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, Anaiis is returning to public life as a transformational guide for the upcoming bloodless revolution in America.

To receive information on upcoming transformational opportunities or to schedule an appointment for private consultations leave your contact information as a comment on this site. Your contact information is kept confidential.


  Rob Jokel wrote @

hi Anaiis, was talking about you on Wednesday to a client … and thought I would look you up …

big hug, Rob

  vtyaya wrote @

Emailed you from my regular email account. Haven’t heard back, so in case you are looking for mail from Living Lessons, here it is. How’s your practice?

  Wendy Sorokowski wrote @

I would like to schedule a heart centered energy healing session with Anais. Thank You!
Wendy Sorokowski
PS I live in Stowe, Vermont

  Sienna Lea wrote @

Hola Anaiis,

This is sienna lea founder of I am really appreciating your work. I have only recently become aware of you. I host webinars podcasts and transformational groups to assist in the shift occuring now. I align deeply with your offerings and would love to speak with you more.

  Alicia Bock wrote @

Greetings Anaiis,

I saw your interview with Lisa Harrison and very much resonated. I have a request, though I don’t know if you have the availability in the next week. I’m in PA and accepted a new position in FL a couple of months ago. I am moving there next week. Coinciding with this, my health has suddenly taken a downward slide which has made packing and getting ready to go extremely challenging and I’m trying to hold out until my new health insurance takes effect, while eating as healthily as I can. Would a healing session be in order? Is this a sign I should be doing something different? I do believe in the timeline merge and I hope this isn’t a foreshadowing into something negative. If I can make an appointment, I would greatly appreciate it. My name is Alicia and I can be reached at 407-697-5003. Thank you!!!

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