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Compression and Expansion

What a month February has been! There is the sensation of intense compression following the devastation in Haiti: slightly more than one month after the massive quake, U.S. cable networks have moved out and on. There is the odd sensation of expansion as the sky has fallen, and fallen, and fallen dumping more than four feet of snow in Philadelphia since the end of December.

So many living lessons in such a compressed period of time — Dr. Gupta choosing to put being an MD ahead of being a journalist; he crossed the line between objective reporting and emotional engagement; neighbors digging each other out; friendly chats in long supermarket lines; knowing Haitian people were making do with so in little material goods in a tropical environment as they make their way through so much pain made shoveling that last two feet of snow at the end of my driveway that easier to finish. As I said to my brother, less talking, more shoveling.

Compression and expansion deepen the comfort I find each day in being grateful for the simplest things.

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