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Terrorism: 24/7 Right Here at Home

Women and girls in the United States are not safe. Women in the United States are the object of daily terrorist attacks. It is an act of  terrifying agression to be raped, kidnapped by sexual predators, molested, or sexuallyabused by strangers, family friends, or family members. These acts or terrorism blow up and destroy lives, and a woman may or may not survive. If she survives phsyically, she is never the same emotionally, and “recovery” doesn’t describe the adjustment necessary to simply go on living.

Woman and girls, your stories are welcome here. You can post them under comments anonymously if you like. Men against violence toward women, your thoughts and stories are welcome, as well. Comments are moderated and no titilating spam will go on up this site.  We want to create a 24/7 focused energy on protecting women from sexual terrorism in the United States and around the globe.

Here is Germaine’s story:

Me too. Raped twice, sexually assaulted once. Only told the police about one rape, because they didn’t do one thing the first time except imply that it was my fault and make me sit through a ton of ridiculous slides trying to identify the rapist. The therapist (read: the rapist) who was a big-time psychologist, told me that my “dress was too short to wear in public” and “I wore too much lipstick”, so of course, I was giving “rape” signals. Really!! I felt raped all over again. When I read about his death in the Phila. Inquirer obits, I was so happy, I breathed a sigh of relief that I would never run into him in my life.

Sorry, but it’s true. 


In fact, at one point in my life, I didn’t have one girlfriend who had NOT been sexually assaulted in some way.  It’s more pervasive than we can imagine. I still have horrendous nightmares. 



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